︎︎︎ DAYSLEEPER  /  2022 ︎︎︎

starring Fahed Chaer & Sara De Bosschere

Written and directe: Enzo Smits

Cinematography: Grimm Vandekerchhove

Editing: Liyo Gong

Casting: Magali Coremans

Original music: Liew Niyomkarn

Sound Design: Kwinten Van Laethem

Re-recording mix: Emmanuel de Boissieu

Color grading: Olivier Ogneux

Production Design: Jonathan Van Essche

Costume Design: Lila John

Produced by Marc Goyens - Quetzalcoatl

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund, deAuteurs, taxshelter.be 
& the tax shelter incentive of the Federal Government of Belgium.


A hot summer in Brussels, days slowly melt into each other. Like every other teenager who’s trapped in the smoldering city, Ilyas spends most of his time hanging in the park with his friends and wandering the empty streets. One night, when walking home all alone, he finds a stray horse. An unexpected encounter that changes the course of his summer.

- International short film competition, 
Film Festival Gent 2022
- Pendance Film Festival 2023 (Toronto)
- International short film competition, Guanajuato Film Festival 2023

- Always becoming, becoming, De Singel (Antwerp) 2023