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Heimat, De Tocht (2019) 

Heimat is an artistic research project, founded in 2019 by Jakob Van den Broucke en Kasper Demeulemeester.  The first exhibition  ‘De Tocht’ was a collections of contributions by a broad group of artists and their idea on the concept of ‘Heimat;. All of the contributing artist and their works are linked to the Belgian/ Flemish region ‘de kempen’.

Contributing artists: Kasper Demeulemeester, Helena Ceuppens, Nick Geboers, Koen Sels, Benjamin Sprengers, Jakob Van den Broucke, Nick Van de Vel, ..

My contributions to the exhibtion consisted of a videowork called  ‘Breadcrumb Trail’, by Grimm Vandekerckhove during the making of my shortfilm ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’(2016). In a soundless video projection, the raw material that we shot for the end scene of this movie are shown. The same walk is repeated over and over again.This repitition shows the construction of a seemingly banal moment. Adjusting, perfecting and directing all the details it into a ‘perfect memory’. While it deconstructs the ‘reality’ of this moment the repitition gives the images and the walk a trance-like quality, as if the skateboarders we see walkin toward the sunset are stuck in this moment of nostalgia.

Two other works that I showed were the ceramic bas-relief portraits ‘Jan & Jakob’. Using imagery of skateboard- and youth culture, combined with a form and technique that reminded me of figurative tiles in my grandparents house, often depicting religious figures.