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 Nothing is Cool (2015) 

pictures by Stef Renard.
Group show. Showing works by Nick Geboers, Sarah Hermans, Stef Renard & myself. Organised by the artist run platform Pikaia at Ruimte 34 in Antwerp.

‘Nothing is cool’, a phrase made popular, by the American
skateboard company ‘Blockhead’, in the late eighties throughout the nineties.

Ron Cameron expressed this sentiment in several cartoon like graphics. The first was printed as the top graphic of one of their skateboards in 1988. It not only spoke of a coolness which is bothered by nothing, but also of an important problem which affects every subculture.Corporations direct what is cool and what should be bought. Only through buying one can attain his own, cued ‘original’ image and persona.

Coolness is a commercial good which can be bought. In that sense ‘Nothing is cool’ is a phrase to counter this constant destruction of the subcultures. Movements created and founded out of the hearts of youth that struggle to remain free and independent in a world constructed around capitalist ideals. By declaring nothing as cool we are one step ahead of the already certain appropriation of the subculture which will be next up for grabs.

The artists featured in this group exhibition all work around the remainders of youth culture and what presence these still have in the life of youth. Creating a moodboard for future consumption gurus.