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Second collaboration with artist & illustrator Ward Zwart.

1997 - Last days of summer, baby.

When both his relationship and his musical career hit rock bottom, thirtysomething Gus returns to his hometown. Even though, as a teenager, he had sworn never to go back there…

The TV in the corner of the local bar is still playing the same old shows. Even the stories told by the regulars sound like reruns. Local youngsters Cas, Frank and Saul divide their time between the skate park and their rehearsal space. Secretly they’re all dreaming that one day they’ll be as successful as their musical hero, Gus Jenssen. Not yet aware that this enigmatic rockstar is just around the corner, sleeping on his brother’s couch.

Ward Zwart & Enzo Smits continue to build on themes whose blueprints can already be found in their publication of short stories ‘Wolven’ (Bries, 2016). With distorted guitars and dreamlike drawings, the authors draw you into their cinematic universe. ‘Ik kom van ver, maar blijf niet lang’ is a story about leaving… but also about what it means to come home

Illustrated by Ward Zwart. Stories by Enzo Smits. Published in Dutch by Bries.
French Translation is planned for the near future and will be published by Meme Pas Mal.

352 p. - one Pantone colour- 18,5 x 24,50 cm - softcover with silver offset print on colored paper- ISBN 978-94-6174-033-5