MARKING TIME (22.09-26.09.2022) 

Marking Time is an exhibition of photographic work by Magali Coremans & Enzo Smits. The exhibit arose from a shared interest in traces in public space and how they can reflect memories.

Opening-  22.09.2022   16.00 - 22.00

Exhibit  |  23 ︎︎︎ 26.09.2022 13.00 - 18.00

24.09 - 15:00 - Live music by Antwerp based artist Liew Niyomkarn

@ ABŸ/fABrÿk
Sint-Denijsplein 64, 1190 Brussels

with the support of VGC, Gemeente Vorst & Breedbeeld.



Marking Time is an exhibition by Brussels based artists Magali Coremans and Enzo Smits.

For this occasion, they used their respective publications ‘Leave a Mark’ and ‘Worn Out Joy’ as a starting point to open a dialogue on their shared interest of capturing traces and textures in public space. (How) can they reflect memories, personal stories and the passage of time?

Magali's work combines photos with text. Her publication ‘Leave a Mark' started from a collection of short texts, fragmentary memories that describe moments bearing their marks on her body. The photos translate this inner world into observations in the public space. They each carry a trace, an impression of a previous event. The work explores methods to make a process visible that is difficult to grasp; how our memories can be at once concrete and steadfast, but also fluid and malleable.

The images in Enzo’s ‘Worn Out Joy’ were made during daily walks in the vicinity of his hometown in Forest. The series originally started as an open investigation into the traces of youth culture in the city, but organically evolved into a time document about a personal loss. Sober portraits take on the role of silent spectators, their gaze turned away from the viewer. Can an image show a memory of something or someone's presence, or is it only the absence we experience?

By combining and building further on the themes in these publications, they look for new connections and expanded narratives. Their memories intertwine and meet in this site specific presentation created for the space of ABŸ.

On September 24th, sound artist Liew Niyomkarn is invited to play a live performance. Her textural and diaristic sounds will travel among the works, throughout the exhibition space, adding new layers, echoes and memories.